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Hong Kong: Water, fire and the wind – The battle for #PolyU

28 Nov , 2019  

The following report on the siege and battle of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, written by the “Cafardnaüm Collective”, describes the events of November 14-19, 2019 and is as impressive as it is poetic, testifying to the ingenuity and determination of the occupiers. In other words, it may do ...


Aerial Bridge Hong Kong/Barcelona – Bulletin Nº 2

4 Nov , 2019  

In the continuity of our article last week about the Catalan uprising, friends have transmitted these beautiful meditations from the streets of Barcelona.

“We do not wish honors, only to appear in the posterity of the history of cataclysms.”

Le Grand Jeu


Spain is a ruin. The wind travels ...

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The gilets jaunes, an analyser of the reproduction of capitalist social relations [Temps critiques]

15 Sep , 2019  

From lundi matin #207, 09/09/2019, reflections on the yellow vests’ movement …

The gilets jaunes, an analyser of the reproduction of capitalist social relations [Temps critiques]

For the irregular publication Temps Critiques (to be consulted on this free site), the yellow vests’ movement must be seen “as a resistance to ...

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An experiential politics (II) – The yellow vests as a “people” thinking

16 Feb , 2019  

… the yellow vests movement is transforming itself on two grounds: a deep awareness of the situation and solidarity as an answer to this situation.

It is not just about reflexivity, that is, the ability to reflect on the condition that we are part of and our role in that ...


Dialectic of brutality and of violence

6 Feb , 2019  

Koubilichi (lundi matin 04/02/2019)

Starting from the work of Jean Genet, this article proposes to substitute for the media opposition between violent and non-violent or destroyers/breakers [casseurs]* and pacifists, the distinction, more subtle, between violence and brutality. While violence is natural and creative, indispensable to the development of all life, ...

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Fifteen theses on [débordement*] excess (written in one night)

13 Jan , 2019  

[*To overflow, overrun, the limits or confines of something; a great abundance or profusion; a moment or movement of excess; to outmaneuver; to be overtaken by events, of one’s own making or not, to the point of being unable to act]

Thesis nº 1: excess exceeds

Flames in ...

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Sudan, Revolution til the End

6 Jan , 2019  

The following is an international French-language report-back published by Lundi Matin on January 3rd, 2019. What follows isour translation.

Two years ago we published an interview with a Sudanese exilé who took part in the insurrectionary movements in the Sudan between 2013 and 2016. Ever since repression has not ...

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A yellow costume that creates community

5 Jan , 2019  

The movement of yellow vests seems to confirm a break of the historical thread of class struggles.

If we stubbornly insist on sharing articles on the “gilets jaunes” of france, it is because they embody a number of characteristics that may mark out the future of possible anti-capitalist movements. The ...



Einwürfe zu der Bewegung der Gilets Jaunes in Frankreich

22 Dez , 2018  

Es ist ein schwerer Fehler zu glauben, dass die Menschen verdummen, wenn sie an einem einzigen Ort verharren.” William Cobbett


Die Woche des 3. Dezember war geprägt von einer massiven Flut von Staats- und Medienpropaganda, einer Inszenierung, die mehrere offensichtliche Ziele hatte: Angst zu provozieren und ...



Die Menschen wollen den Fall des Regimes

16 Dez , 2018  

Die Echos des syrischen Aufstandes beim Entstehen der Gelben Westen
Wir, die wir die syrische Revolution sowohl vor Ort als auch im Exil erlebt haben, sind über den Aufstand des französischen Volkes erfreut. Dennoch sind wir auch besorgt über die “Sicherheitsmaßnahmen” und die “Erhaltung der Ordnung”, die gegen die ...

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Contribution to the Rupture in Progress

8 Dez , 2018  

The following text appeared December 6th on the French platform lundimatin


Even if it soon proves fragile, for now, one of the principle merits of the current mobilization is to have sent the rhetoric and the tactical repertoire of the left movements of the past century to the Grévin Museum1—all ...

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Frankreich am Abgrund: “Entweder stürzen wir das System oder das System wird uns vernichten”

5 Dez , 2018  

Im Gegensatz zu allem, was wir gehört haben, ist das Mysterium nicht, dass wir uns erheben, sondern dass wir es vorher nicht getan haben. Die Anomalie liegt nicht in dem, was wir jetzt tun, sondern in dem, was wir bisher ertragen haben. Wer kann leugnen, dass das System in allen ...

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