Soacial Contagion / Microbiological Class War in China

5 Mrz , 2020  

Wuhan is known colloquially as one of the “four furnaces” (四大火炉) of China for its oppressively hot humid summer, shared with Chongqing, Nanjing and alternately Nanchang or Changsha, all bustling cities with long histories along or near the Yangtze river valley. Of the four, Wuhan, however, is also sprinkled with ...

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Brief Histories of Invisibility

8 Aug , 2019  

Brief Histories of Invisibility

Posted on August 7, 2019 by youandwhosearmy?

What follows is a transcript of my response to Andrew Culp’s presentation of research
from his forthcoming book, Indiscernibility: The Politics of the Unseen (currently under contract with University of Minnesota Press)

I would like to begin by contrasting Andrew’s ...

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Classwar – Ein Aufruf aus dem Westen von Paris

28 Jan , 2019  

Unsere Westen sind keine Straßenverkehrssicherheitswesten mehr, sie sind zu einem Zeichen der Sammlung für eine Bewegung geworden, die die etablierte Ordnung global herausfordert. Der Grund, warum sie glitzern, ist nicht, die Behörden über Notfälle oder soziale Notlagen zu unterrichten. Wir haben sie nicht dazu benutzt, etwas von der Macht zu ...

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Class Combat

14 Aug , 2017  


The empire had fallen long before it collapsed. Corrupt elites ruled from a distance. Industry fragmented in slow motion, plundered by the rich and slowly pieced apart by foreign competition. For common people, the possibility of any sort of stable life slowly faded. The future itself seemed to recede ...

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