Why America Won’t Be ‘Great’ Again

24 Okt , 2020  

Like Britain, the rise and fall of the American Empire is written in the language of energy. But unlike Britain, which declined as rapidly as it rose, the American rise and fall is less spectacular (at least so far).

Before getting to the data, I’ll point out an important ...

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Measuring the Profitability of Chinese Industry: Data Brief

29 Sep , 2020  


What follows is a lengthy piece, with lots of intricacies about the exact methods used, alongside detailed anatomies of our results. It is, in the end, fairly boring to read closely, and a skim of the data visualizations paired with a read-through of the final section will be enough ...

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China & US Power

15 Jul , 2020  

Can China do much to fight back against the power wielded by the US in the world economy? At first sight, that looks unlikely. China is big, but world trade is conducted in dollars, and the US has economic, political and military influence across the globe. The usual result of ...

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Soacial Contagion / Microbiological Class War in China

5 Mrz , 2020  

Wuhan is known colloquially as one of the “four furnaces” (四大火炉) of China for its oppressively hot humid summer, shared with Chongqing, Nanjing and alternately Nanchang or Changsha, all bustling cities with long histories along or near the Yangtze river valley. Of the four, Wuhan, however, is also sprinkled with ...

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Global Governance

11 Jan , 2020  

It is easy to see today that in the course of implementing neo-liberal strategies, the state is being increasingly restricted in its function as the guarantor of social peace and compromise between the classes, while the various modes of operation of the social police are being intensified step by step. ...

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Economic Concessions in Reaction to the Movement in Hong Kong? (engl/deutsch)

19 Nov , 2019  

The Hong Kong government is so far mainly using repressive measures against the mass movement, but, recently, state media in China have started pushing for a change in the city’s housing policy – possibly a first sign for economic concessions in reaction to the pressure ‘from below.’

The Hong Kong ...

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The Global World Order

17 Okt , 2019  

The fact that struggles for reproductive conditions or circulation struggles are increasing again worldwide at the moment is no coincidence. In France in particular, they are increasing in intensity from week to week with the Yellow West. The shifts are easy to understand there, the radicalism of the Riots, the ...

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Fossiles Kapital (3)

5 Okt , 2019  

Am Ende des Buchs kommt Malm auf die Emissions-Explosion nach dem Jahr 2000 zu sprechen, die von einem einzigen Land ausging, nämlich der VR China. Zwischen den Jahren 2000 und 2006 war China für 55% der globalen Emission von CO2 verantwortlich. Im Jahr 2002 wurde China der größte Förderer von ...

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18 Jan , 2019  

Through a discussion of Nike’s Flyknit this essay deal with recent struggles and socioeconomic/technological trends in China, their relation to changing fashions in the West and possible forms of resistance that may emerge in global supply chains..

Note: Much of the material on China below is drawn from the important ...

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4 Sep , 2018  

Arbeiter*innen der Shenzener Schweißgerätefabrik Jasic wehren sich gegen Gängelung und wollen eine Gewerkschaft gründen. Als der Staat zurückschlägt, entwickelt sich eine übergreifende Solidaritätsbewegung in China und darüber hinaus.

„Eine Gewerkschaft zu gründen ist kein Verbrechen. Unterstützt die Jasic-Arbeiter*innen von Shenzen“, ruft Shen Mengyu mit lauter Stimme. Um sie stehen Polizist*innen. ...

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27 Jul , 2018  

The main thesis of this book is that contemporary globalization is bringing about a type of imperialism that differs fundamentally from those of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The most significant difference is that the great capitalist firms, by becoming multinationals, have broken out of the confines within which they ...

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Imperialismus und Weltmarkt

14 Apr , 2018  

Vortrag, gehalten auf einer Veranstaltung mit Micha Hintz

Es gibt zwar wichtige Parallelen zwischen dem nationalen Markt und dem Weltmarkt, aber jener ist nicht einfach eine Subkategorie des letzteren. Eine genauere Analyse des Weltmarktes macht evident, dass er mehr ist als nur die Aggregation der Staaten und Unternehmen, nämlich eine ...

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