Elections, State: Instruments of expropriation.

17 Sep , 2020  


Democracy and its instrument of choice are based on citizens handing over their powers to representatives or delegating them to a professional group that decides on their behalf. This implies a misjudgment, because only because the representatives exist does the represented group exist, which in turn creates its representatives ...

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Things Seen

14 Sep , 2020  

taken from Ill Will


First published in Reporterre and Terrestres, September 4th, 2020

We have seen the most elementary liberty of bourgeois constitutions—the freedom to come and go— abolished with the snap of a finger.

We have seen a president claiming to regulate the “ ...

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How It Might Should Be Done

24 Aug , 2020  

taken from Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ

Ich möchte mit einem Gruß an das, was letzte Nacht hier passiert ist, an die Arbeiterklasse der Stadt Seattle, an die Rebellen der Stadt Seattle beginnen: Mir hat das, was ich gesehen habe, wirklich gut gefallen, deshalb bin ich hier, um diese Stimmung zu fühlen. ...

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The ‘Gemeinwesen’ Has Always Been Here: An Engagement with the Ideas of Jacques Camatte

16 Jul , 2020  

Taken from Ill Will Editions

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The less you are, the less you express your own life, the more you have, the more pronounced is your alienated life, the greater is the aggregate of your alienated being.

-Karl Marx,  Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts, 1844 [1]

Jacques ...

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5 Jun , 2020  

originally published in “&&& (an online journal run by New Centre of Research & Practice and edited by Ekin Erkan)

Within Deleuze scholarship there has been a relatively recent turn towards Deleuzian negativity. While brought forward most prominently in Andrew Culp’s Dark Deleuze (2016), J. Adams put forward a notion ...

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3 Jun , 2020  

Depuis Madison, dans le Wisconsin, le philosophe Frédéric Neyrat nous a transmis ce tour d’horizon de la société américaine au moment de son embrasement. Si dans le rapport de force en cours, nous ne pensons pas qu’il faille espérer quoi que ce soit du parti démocrate, bien au contraire, ce ...

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The Discreet Charm of Coronavirus

22 Mai , 2020  

taken from positions politics

I saw the sun
Born from a great silence
I saw the sun burning towards a great death
I have walked above many deaths and much silence
But I cannot describe the sun
Too late to its waning
Too early to its setting
In a moment ...

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Explosion of Authoritarianism and Labor Struggles in Italy’s ‘War on Corona’

8 Apr , 2020  

In Italy’s ‘war on corona’ authoritarianism as well as labor struggles are exploding. The latter brings to the fore the question of what and who is of systemic relevance, and hence “essential” for overcoming the crisis and rebuilding the world afterward. Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki discuss this key issue ...

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Autonome Perspektiven auf Wirtschaft, Staat, Coronavirus (dt,english)

3 Apr , 2020  

Was nützt einem Gesundheit, wenn man ansonsten ein Idiot ist“ – Adorno


Der Coronavirus und die von ihm ausgelöste Lungenkrankheit Covid-19 stürzen die Menschen auf der ganzen Welt in Chaos und Unglück. Noch nie dürften so viele Menschen zugleich unter Kontakt- und Ausgangssperren und -verboten gelitten haben wie ...

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Insurrection in times of the Coronavirus

18 Mrz , 2020  

Now, finally, that destabilizing event that could block the capitalist system has arrived. And unlike what we imagined, the cause is not the action of a group of revolutionaries or a social group of a territory or even a population in revolt. The event originates in the capitalist body itself ...

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Biopolitics, Documentation

Bologna in times of the Coronavirus – The Wu Ming Diary

17 Mrz , 2020  

Ten people had been massacred by a fascist just a few hours earlier, and I had hurried to Neukölln after work. So I stood there on the sidelines and let the demonstration pass by, looking for familiar faces. I looked into these faces, among which there were also honest ones, ...

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The Coronavirus and the state of exception

15 Mrz , 2020  

From lundi matin #232 (02/03/2020) …

The Coronavirus and the state of exception

To those who claim, from the far right to the left, that our empires really care for their people – “this time they really want our good” -, in other words, that our empires have no interest ...

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