28 Feb , 2018  

Thomas Dekeyser: I read your book Dark Deleuze as a two-fold intervention: into Deleuzian scholarship and into radical political thought. I would like to first hone in on the former. You suggest the majority of Deleuzian scholarship has been overwhelmed by a ”canon of joy” that “celebrates Deleuze as ...

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Aliens, Monsters, and Revolution in the Dark Deleuze

27 Aug , 2016  

This is the longer version of a blog post I initially wrote for the University of Minnesota Press. You can find the shorter version on their blog here.

French philosopher Gilles Deleuze is usually characterized as a thinker of positivity. Consider two of his major contributions: the rhizome as an ...

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Die Politik der Grausamkeit

8 Dez , 2015  

I). Die Politik, die uns anleitet, ist nicht ethisch, sondern grausam.

Wir setzen der Politik der Ethik die Politik der Grausamkeit entgegen. Die Ethik geht ganz auf die Griechen zurück, deren Ethik das Studium des »guten Lebens« beinhaltete. Unsere Interessen liegen überhaupt nicht darin, besser als unsere Feinde zu sein. ...

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