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Schwanzlutscher (Sog)

4 Sep , 2020  

Sog. Saugen. Ansaugen. … Es bleibt allem Patriarchat zu eigen und deshalb vorzuwerfen, dass es nicht saugt. Dies manifestiert sich in einer generellen Angst vor der Verschlingung eines Loches. Verschlingung des Lochs, Verschlingung durch das Loch, das bereits von einem verschlungenen Loch verschlungen worden sein wird; (zwangs-)arbeiten für das Loch, ...

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against stigma, not sex work

12 Okt , 2017  

Written by: erma VIP; erma is a fluid non-entity, hysteric, healer, whore and friend of animals.

taken from the belliresearchinstitute


Stigma is what makes sex work potentially dangerous for sex workers, not sex work itself. Stigma exists in a nexus of capitalist exploitation of bodies, cis-hetero-patriarchy and white supremacy, ...

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VERSCHOBEN: Veranstaltung: Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz und Derivate-Kommunismus

20 Sep , 2017  


Die Veranstaltung wird verschoben und findet NICHT am 6. November 2017 statt. 

Ein neuer Termin wird demnächst bekannt gegeben.


Ein Abend in Berlin mit Vorträgen von Achim Szepanski und Anna Newspeak.


//Vortrag Anna Newspeak// Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz

Die naturalisierte Konstruktion der Differenz von Erwerbs- und Sorgearbeit (Arbeit und ...

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The End of the Monarchy of Sex’: Sexuality and Contemporary Nihilism

2 Aug , 2017  


The hegemonic form of contemporary queer theory is dependent on a model of desire as autonomous and deregulated, derived from post ’68 French theory and particularly the work of Michel Foucault. Such a model is at risk of finding itself in congruence with a deregulated post-Fordist capitalism that recuperates


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Malabou’s Life Resistance

19 Apr , 2017  

Catherine Malabou is one of the most interesting thinkers working today. She has a broad facility with Western philosophy, writing on Kant, Hegel, Derrida, the themes of temporality, plasticity, difference, technology, and many other things. And at the same time she has published extensively on neuroscience and issues surrounding the ...

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HKRB Interviews: Andrew Culp

6 Feb , 2017  

Alfie Bown: Your book is just 77 pages long but your project and its scope is huge. Your aim has been to recover Deleuze from those who saw him as the philosopher of “joyous affirmation” and who experienced his work (without perhaps always admitting it) as vitalist, life-affirming and even ...

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Life after Trump fascism: The Universal Basic Property and a FORS simulation

9 Nov , 2016  

Dear intellectuals, scientists, artists, emancipatory forces of all kinds,

can we now start to think about the implementation of a Universal Basic Property und and a Universal Basic Income (of economic capital) within a new online-only currency? Starting with an amount of 300-400 trillion monetary units (the circa-volume of the ...

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LARUELLE AND DELEUZE: from difference to multiplicity

4 Mai , 2016  

We are living through a very interesting period in the realm of Continental Philosophy, containing aspects of continuing progress and of intellectual regression. The regression proclaims itself to be a decisive progress beyond the merely negative and critical philosophies of the recent past. Yet the philosophies of Deleuze, Foucault, ...

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29 Apr , 2016  

Before getting right into the work of SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB and some of the ideas and politics behind what SAGC produces, could you tell us a little bit about how you all came together and started this project? Has SAGC kept (relatively) the same members since it was first ...

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Paul B. Preciado und das pharmapornographische Regime

21 Apr , 2016  

Dieser Artikel beansprucht keine umfassende Darstellung (und Kritik) des gerade in deutscher Sprache erschienenen Buchs „Testo Junkie“ von Paul B. Preciado, sondern beschreibt lediglich die basic facts des sog. pharmapornographischen Regimes. Auf NON hat Alexander Galloway zu den Fragen des Widerstandspotenzials einer queeren Ontologie und Differenzphilosophie, in deren Umfeld sich ...

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The Forces of Reproduction

16 Apr , 2016  

“Humanity does not exist under the sign of the divine… but of the monstrous.” 

— Paul B. Préciado

“Read, this!,” he said, thrusting a soiled photocopy of a typescript into my hands. “It will change your life!” Then he disappeared back into the public toilet he was cruising. This was ...

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Afro-pessimism as Aesthetic Blackness? [Putting the Pessimism in Afro-Pessimism]

8 Jan , 2016  

On the occasion of Achille Mbembe’s new preface to the African reprint of On the Postcolony by Wits University Press.

Mbembe: Critique is witnessing as well as endless vigilance, interrogation and anticipation. A proper ­critique requires us first to dwell in the chaos of the night in order precisely to ...

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