Destituent Power: An Incomplete Timeline

4 Nov , 2020  

taken from destituencies

A Note For the Reader

A proper genealogy of the destitution thesis has yet to be written. The names, dates, and texts that follow are necessarily incomplete. This is because the very nature of destitution is something that interrupts. It robs assumed modes of power of their ...

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The Reality Of Destitution is the Destitution of Reality: Notes for a Genealogy of Destituent Power

22 Dez , 2018  

[ What follows is a draft of a longer essay yet to be written on the genealogy of destituent power covering Bataille, Blanchot, and Tronti, as well as Agamben and the Invisible Committee ]]

During the 1970s, in Europe, a disenchanted but not hopeless generation came to the fore to ...

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