New Translation of Félix Guattari’s Seminar “Les Quatres Inconscients 13/01/1981”

14 Apr , 2020  

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Translated by Taylor Adkins, 4/12/2020

Félix Guattari: I am always under a little pressure from M., who asks as frequently as possible for some examples. On the other hand, my concern would be to try to delve deeper into a certain number of theoretical themes. I will ...

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Marx and the ecstatic labor force

14 Jan , 2020  

Quite in contrast to mechanics, which defines the concept of force as the result of mutually canceling forces in their relationship to each other, Marx also seems to have always been intent, in his critique of political economy, on breaking the beautiful appearance of the balance and stability of the ...

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Paranoia Machines of the State

13 Okt , 2019  

One should insist that paranoia is the mass psychological fuel of neo-fascist and right-wing populist movements. Today they have chosen the vulnerable foreigners as their suitable enemy object. And to anticipate it right away, the paranoia of right-wing populists and that of the state reinforce each other. But the paranoia ...

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EconoFiction, Mashines

Do Androids Dream of Surplus Value?

8 Okt , 2019  

Androids, if they were to come into existence, would be the outcome of scientific and engineering ingenuity and thus be products of past living labour. Although the androids might be Turing-compatible, Voight-Kammpf cheating and Asimov-law abiding, they would be dead labour. Indeed as outcomes of a capitalist production process they ...

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Marx and the Machine

17 Sep , 2019  

With the reference to the phylogeny of machines, which ranges from complex tools to machines driven by motors to automatons, Marx always combines a genealogy of technology shaped by capital and thus clearly sets himself apart from a transhistorical theory of the evolution of technology. Marx writes: “Work is organized ...

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‘Desire Never Stops Investing History’

4 Dez , 2018  

What is the relationship between machine and structure? What is it that differentiates a line of flight from becoming a pure line of death? Now, however unhelpful as it may seem, a perfectly adequate to answer to these questions would be the difference between the nature of the possible and ...

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