Bernard Stiegler – A glossary of terms

18 Aug , 2020  

stupidity (bêtise), irresponsibility, the corruption of attention, the rise in incivility and boorishness.

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Biopolitics, Mashines

The Hedonistic Imperative: The Seduction of Hypercapitalism

28 Nov , 2018  

The unlikely parable that Xenophon relates  between Socrates and their mutual friend Aristippus of Cyrene serves as a lead in to the subject of this post. Socrates had observed his friend Aristippus for some time and felt that the young man needed a little guidance. He remonstrated Aristippus for his ...

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Automatic Society 1: The Future of Work – Introduction

24 Jul , 2017  

The following is the introduction to the first volume of Bernard Stiegler’s most recent work, La Société automatique, 1. L’Avenir du travail, published by Fayard in 2015. The second volume, subtitled L’Avenir du savoir, is forthcoming. Translated by Daniel Ross.

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