Has Techno Decelerated? On Technoculture, Acceleration and Breaks

19 Mai , 2018  

Reflecting on the last thirty years of techno music, I am not alone thinking that it has decelerated. By deceleration, I mean that since the 1980s the beat per minutes of techno music – which varies, usually, between 120 and 160 bpm – slowed in pace. Techno has become somehow ...

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One Click nach House / Das Force Inc Imperium

21 Mai , 2017  

Force Inc. ist zwar noch keine zehn Jahre alt, aber fast. Als das Label begann, tauchte zwischen den ersten Plus8-Platten auf einmal eine Alternative dieses Underground Techno Sounds aus Orten auf, die weder weit weg noch besonders aufregend klangen. Ganz im Gegensatz zur Musik. Was wir heute als Techno oder ...

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Darth Vader on piano playing crackno @ivi in 2013, April

29 Apr , 2013  

April 2013: Darth Vader proudly presents her first unpluged piano track @IVI-club (squatted since 2003).

The performance was crossed by oldschool-techno-freaks (copyriot honx) with Roland TR-505 and TB-303. By hacking in the PA, they got a technoid hegemony over the sound-architecture in the space.


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