Working, Working Together, and Networking during the Web-Hype of the ‘Corona Crisis’

4 Apr , 2020  

In a critical moment in which entire populations are forced to avoid any potential exposure to contagion by pursuing isolated lives in online-only mode, the conditions of work are more uncertain than ever. Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki take this uncertainty as a starting point to inquire what we can ...

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The Vast Automaton: Notes on Alexei Gastev, Marx, and Andrew Ure

31 Dez , 2018  

In 1916 his poem Express: A Siberian Fantasy, Alexei Gastev depicts a journey, undertaken by a high-speed passenger train, across a vast wasteland that has been transformed by the pulsing tumult of industrial modernity. The vision is one of an open future, characterized by the tearing away of the ...

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Edmund Berger: On Art and Revolutionary Transformation in the Age of Blockchain – Part 1

4 Dez , 2018  

…measured against the conditions of the present, communism itself embodies the most alien of all possible futures.

—Edmund Berger

Edmund Berger author of Uncertain Futures: An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present (see my review) has for years done his homework in uncovering the historical traces of the Marxist ...

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Zelluläre Automaten und Maschine 4.0

9 Okt , 2018  

Es war eine der Intentionen von Leibniz, zu zeigen, dass die Welt aus elementaren Automaten gebaut ist, die er »Monaden« nannte. Monaden, die sich jeweils aus Aggregaten zusammensetzen und komplexe Automaten bilden, lassen sich bei Leibniz immer weiter bis ins unendlich Kleine falten, vom Organismus bis hin zu den Elementarteilchen, ...

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The Future is the Past: The Failure of Accelerationism

1 Okt , 2018  

There is a major difference between what is now called ‘accelerationism’ and its utopian futurist influences from the early 20th century: whether human reason is powerful enough to not only overcome the conditions of capitalism but ultimately the biological limits of humanity itself. “Big-A” Accelerationism, on the other hand, is ...

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The Intelligence of Capital?

23 Jul , 2018  

The development of the means of labour into machinery is not an accidental moment of capital, but is rather the historical reshaping of the traditional, inherited means of labour into a form adequate to capital. The accumulation of knowledge and of skill, of the general productive forces of the social ...

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“Making a Mouk”

5 Apr , 2018  

This destruction of knowledge by the very thing that was created to increase it is what Marx called proletarianization, which occurs when this overall increase of knowledge is channelled and  expropriated by what Marx called capital and the bourgeoisie at the expense of work and workers, who become proletarians, that

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EconoFiction, GenericScience

Marx und die Maschinen

4 Apr , 2018  


Mit dem Verweis auf die Phylogenese der Maschinen, die von den komplexen Werkzeugen über die durch Motoren angetriebenen Maschinen bis hin zum Automaten reicht, verbindet Marx immer eine durch das Kapital geprägte Genealogie des Technischen und setzt sich damit deutlich von einer transhistorischen Evolutionstheorie der Technik ab. Marx schreibt: »Die ...

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Die Geldroboter (1)

1 Apr , 2018  

Geldroboter sind eigentlich nichts weiter als komplexe Algorithmen, die Daten analysieren, verarbeiten und aus Feedbacks und Ergebnissen zudem in der Lage sind zu lernen. Dazu hat der ehemalige EU-Abgeordnete Martin Ehrenhauser ein informatives Buch vorgelegt. Das Buch “Die Geldroboter”, das im ProMedia-Verlag erschienen ist, behandelt die Funktions- und Wirkungsweise der ...

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The Automatic Society: Technics, Memory, and Capitalism

28 Mrz , 2018  

In the past few years both the political Left and Right of the current global machine, the “Establishment” now dictates who will be included or excluded from their dominion. Whatever the hell that is? Ah, yes, it always comes down to this bugaboo… the “System” – a sort of Death ...

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Arbeit 4.0 – Ein Hype

6 Mrz , 2018  

Alles wird neu. Sogar der Kapitalismus im Kapitalozän. So alt kann die Megamaschine der kapitalistischen Landnahme gar nicht aussehen mit „Abstieg, Arbeitslosigkeit, Armut, Ausbildungsabbruch oder Auswanderung“ (um nur bei „A“ zu bleiben). Wenn wir schon bei „A“ im Kapitalverhältnis sind: „Automation“. Das ist das neue „Catchword“. Dazu werden assoziiert: Automatik, ...

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Homo ex Machina – How One Becomes Machine-Man

9 Feb , 2018  

We ordinarily recognize a single machine-Man1 tradition. But there are two, perhaps three; they appear the moment when the grouping of the objects of knowledge and history of ideas to which philosophy is accustomed is substituted for another grouping, that of the eras of power or techno-political modes of production ...

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