Auto-Position and Being-in-One (Being-According-to-the-One)

24 Sep , 2020  

The highest formal act of the philosophical Decision through which philosophical faith in the real enables the latter to be posited as the Real in an illusory way. It is consequently the real cause of the appearance of philosophy. Auto-position as real of the transcendental Unity proper to philosophy is ...

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Laruelle und die generischen Wissenschaften

6 Jul , 2020  

Laruelle strebt eine nicht-philosophische oder generische Maschine an, die eine ihrer Suffizienz geraubten Philosophie (ohne umfassende Transzendentalität) mit einer ihres mathemathischen Apparats geraubten Quantenphysik (ohne Kalkulation) verbindet. Die Herausdrehung der Nicht-Standard-Philosophie aus der Philosophie und der Nicht-Philosophie mündet für Laruelle in der generischen Wissenschaft, die selbst eine Methode zu entwickeln ...

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Laruelle’s “Badiou and Non-Philosophy: a Parallel”

14 Jun , 2020  

         I. Everything seems to force the opposition between non-philosophy and the philosophy that takes the equation mathematics=ontology as its ontological base. This opposition can be identified on four levels:

            1. The central and guiding theme: on the one hand, a philosophy of the radical Multiple (Badiou=B.); on the ...

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The End of Dialectics

4 Nov , 2019  

There is a continuous insistence in philosophy on the illusion that the problem of the relationship between theory and practice can be thought of in terms of an original disjunction and a possible synthesis (the differential positions remain, but are constantly both traversed or synthesized). The monistic-plural thinking of a ...

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