Auto-Position and Being-in-One (Being-According-to-the-One)

24 Sep , 2020  

The highest formal act of the philosophical Decision through which philosophical faith in the real enables the latter to be posited as the Real in an illusory way. It is consequently the real cause of the appearance of philosophy. Auto-position as real of the transcendental Unity proper to philosophy is ...

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Laruelle und die generischen Wissenschaften

6 Jul , 2020  

Laruelle strebt eine nicht-philosophische oder generische Maschine an, die eine ihrer Suffizienz geraubten Philosophie (ohne umfassende Transzendentalität) mit einer ihres mathemathischen Apparats geraubten Quantenphysik (ohne Kalkulation) verbindet. Die Herausdrehung der Nicht-Standard-Philosophie aus der Philosophie und der Nicht-Philosophie mündet für Laruelle in der generischen Wissenschaft, die selbst eine Methode zu entwickeln ...

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3 Jul , 2020  

F. Laruelle. “Programme.” La Décision philosophique 1 (1987): 5-43.


translated by Taylor Adkins 7/2/20

  1. A science for philosophy

Let’s suppose that we will formulate a project and that it will be necessary to exposit a program, this would be the manifesto: don’t do like philosophers, invent philosophy! Radically change ...

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The End of Dialectics

4 Nov , 2019  

There is a continuous insistence in philosophy on the illusion that the problem of the relationship between theory and practice can be thought of in terms of an original disjunction and a possible synthesis (the differential positions remain, but are constantly both traversed or synthesized). The monistic-plural thinking of a ...

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Laruelle: The One, The Real

14 Sep , 2019  

Laruelle tries to liberate the real and the one – terms he mostly uses as synonyms – from any determination by philosophical being. If the One is not a synonym for being, it cannot be realized in it either. The One should also not be equated with existence, it is ...

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Laruelle – Against the Digital (pdf)

21 Nov , 2018  

Channel that great saint of radical blackness, Toussaint Louverture, and return to the Haitian Constitution of 1804, which stated that all citizens will be called black regardless of color. Such blanket totality of black, such cataclysm of human color, renders color invalid and denies the endless dynamics of black-as-white or ...

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The Seduction of the Real

17 Mai , 2017  

“…images precede the Real.” —Jean Baudrillard

Child of Kant, and of all those for whom the Real is illusion and delusion, delirium and the panic ridden world of impulse and evil, Baudrillard would return us to that ancient world of Pyrrho and Gnosticism, skepticism and dualism. As he’d say ...

GenericScience, PhiloFiction

Non Philosophy as Politico/Heretical Tract

13 Apr , 2015  


On a superficial reading of non-philosophical texts, it might seem that it is possible to side-step the difficulties of philosophy — its complexity, proliferation, opposing camps, obscurantism, abstraction, specialization — what the ordinary man or woman calls its difficulty. It might seem that non-philosophy is a blow on behalf ...

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