Why Riot?

11 Jan , 2019  

The riot is most important, then, not in its traditional ability to win demands that progressives can only drool over, but instead when it takes on a demandless character. This absence of demands in the riot and occupation implies two things: First, it implies a rejection of existing mediations ...

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Calling Bullshit: On Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs

14 Jun , 2018  

Graeber’s book Bullshit Jobs is the kind of book I generally avoid. It is an expanded version of an essay originally published in Strike magazine. For the most part I find articles turned into books to be largely filler. The original essay or article made the point, and did so

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Riot: Was war da los in Hamburg -Theorie und Praxis der kollektiven Aktion (Leseprobe)

31 Mrz , 2018  




Hrsg: Karl-Heinz Dellwo, Achim Szepanski, J.Paul Weiler

Riot: Theorie und Praxis der kollektiven Aktion. Was war da los in Hamburg?

Die vielfältigen Formen von Protest und Widerstand gegen den G20-Gipfel in Hamburg liegen mittlerweile ein dreiviertel Jahr zurück. Sie haben ein sehr unterschiedliches mediales und politisches Echo ...

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An Enduring Passion for Criminality

22 Feb , 2018  

by Tom Nomad and Gallus Stanig Mag

Revolutionaries always pay their parking tickets”
-William Haver


Anarchist discussions of illegalism become confused when it is defined in relief; “if the law is a criminal imposition by the ruling class, criminals are truly revolutionary regardless of their actions” they say.


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9 Feb , 2018  

This world no longer needs explaining, critiquing, denouncing. We live enveloped in a fog of commentaries and commentaries on commentaries, of critiques and critiques of critiques of critiques, of revelations that don’t trigger anything, other than revelations about the revelations. And this fog is taking away any purchase we might ...

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God Only Knows What Devils We Are: An Apopologia for the Black Bloc from the Community of those who do not have a Community.

4 Sep , 2017  

What they find so disturbing about the black bloc—the contagion of an anonymous collective force—is precisely why and how it continues to outlive every social movement from which it emerges. These generations—we who fantasized about Columbine and now only know metal detectors at school; we who expected September 11 and

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A Short Introduction to the Politics of Cruelty

23 Jul , 2017  

Hostis is a negation. It emerges devoid of ethics, lacking any sense of democracy, and without a care for pre-figuring anything. Fed up with the search for a social solution to the present crisis, it aspires to be attacked wildly and painted as utterly black without a single virtue. In


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The First Words of Common Sense: A Closer Look at Blanquism

20 Jul , 2017  

I originally wrote this essay on Blanquism in 2014 while part of a communist organization. While there are parts of it that I would rewrite now, in general, I think it holds up pretty well as a critical evaluation of the military and political aspects of Blanquism as a complement




Call for Submissions, Hostis Issue 3: Fuck The Police

16 Mai , 2017  

The Police = The Enemy

We are persuaded by the Situationist belief that all good critiques can be boiled down to a slogan. Those for our issue? “All Cops Are Bastards.” “Fuck The Police.” “Off the Pigs.” “Fire to the Prisons.” The ...

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