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Health crisis, economic crisis and social crisis are all the same thing

30 Mrz , 2020  

Originally written by the anti-state communist Carbure Blog and published on Des Nouvelles Du Front in French on March 29th, 2020. What follows is translation of prole wave.

1/16 If this health crisis is just beginning, what is even more troubling is the crisis called ‘economic’ which does not distinguish ...

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Prole Wave: Klimawandel, Kämpfe in der Zirkulation und der kommunistische Horizont

2 Mrz , 2020  

In den letzten Monaten hat die Welt eine Welle des Protests gegen den Klimawandel und Umweltzerstörung im Allgemeinen gesehen. Kurioserweise orientieren sich die offenen Revolten rund um den Globus aber nicht am Klimawandel selbst, sondern vielmehr an Kämpfen in der Zirkulation: also solchen, die jenseits der Produktion stattfinden, bspw. bezüglich ...

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9th Evade Chile Communiqué: They want to give us lectures on violence! (english/ deutsch)

17 Nov , 2019  

The following was sent to us earlier today (11/13) by Evade Chile 2019. What follow is a translation of their message, followed by a translation of their communiqué.


Faced with these adversarial moments, only solidarity & mutual aid could give us encouragement.



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Prole Wave: climate change, circulation struggles & the communist horizon

28 Okt , 2019  

A recent wave of protest activity against climate change, and general environmental degradation, has been seen around the world. But curiously open revolt around the world has not centered around climate change itself, but rather around circulation struggles: the name for struggles that occur beyond the point of production; ...

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Brief Analysis on the “Paquetazo” and the Coming Protests in [Ecuador] from a Radical Critique

9 Okt , 2019  

The following is a translation of a text by Proletarios Revolucionarios, an ultra-left group out of Quito, Ecuador. Though the group dissolved in 2016, they offer us this analysis published on Oct. 2nd, 2019. The original Spanish-language text can be found here.

The recent economic measures by the Ecuadorian ...



Mexico: No one said it was peaceful

22 Aug , 2019  

First published on Antagonismo, on Aug 17th 2019. An account by an anarchist feminist in Mexico City. Translator’s note: throughout feminine adjectives were used which cannot be replicated in English. The translation follows.

The Mexican State, the media, the people who call us liars every time we denounce sexual assault, ...

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Ultra-Left FAQ

27 Jul , 2019  

The negation of work is the name of the process which abolishes work. The conversation around the abolition of work can get confusing because different theorists who write on this subject sometimes use the terms labor & work interchangeably, while others have specific definitions for each term.

Though this is ...

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Dec. 1st – Pushing the Disorder Further

3 Dez , 2018  

What follows is a translation of a blog post by Carbure. It is a collaboration between ourselves & Otto Mattick. The original text was published on Dec. 3rd, 2018.

Saturday December 1st, the Gilets Jaunes movement had ceased to belong and be the movement of lower-class White France which it ...

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