Introduction to Michel Husson’s ‘Value and price: a critique of neo-Ricardian claims’

12 Nov , 2018  

Michel Husson originally published this landmark article in French as Manuel Perez (1980). This translation makes this historic work accessible to Anglophone readers. It thus offers a new generation of Marx scholars a resource which academic Marxism has rejected, except for a minority tradition in which this article played a ...

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18 Aug , 2017  

Critique of pure laughter. Laughter plays madly through the body, as though suddenly accessing another layer of reality. The shock of the abstract. A pure line is embodied in the spatiotemporal dynamisms of the laugher — and in the same ‘order’ as that of the joke… –Laughter shakes loose the ...

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Marx und Sraffa

12 Jun , 2015  

Ziel des Beitrags ist der Nachweis, dass Piero Sraffa’s Produzione di merci a mezzo di merci ausdem Jahre 1960 die Weiterentwicklung und Vervollkommung des zweiten Abschnitts des dritten Bandes des Kapital ist. Die Analyse von Sraffa bewegt sich gleichzeitig auf der Ebene der Reproduktion des gesellschaftlichen Gesamtkapitals und derjenigenvon Produktionspreis ...

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