The Current Financial Meltdown: A Crisis of Finance Capital-Driven Globalisation

31 Aug , 2018  

For Marx, well before when Keynes spoke of capitalism a ‘monetary economy of production’ (Keynes) , money as an independent expression of a certain amount of value, is the form through which capitalists can control that the process of valorization is correctly carried out. This explains why money capital took ...

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Trapped at a Party Where No One Likes You

17 Aug , 2018  


The following article was written in the early months of 2015. It is the result of a series of discussions and readings by the Surplus Club in Frankfurt am Main in accordance with the topic of the 2007-08 crisis of capital accumulation and the proliferation of the global surplus ...

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27 Jul , 2018  

The main thesis of this book is that contemporary globalization is bringing about a type of imperialism that differs fundamentally from those of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The most significant difference is that the great capitalist firms, by becoming multinationals, have broken out of the confines within which they ...

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Rethinking Imperialism

24 Aug , 2017  

Rethinking Imperialism A Study of Capitalist Rule
John Milios and Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos
For more than a century ‘imperialism’ has been a key concept in Left theory and politics, connoting both the aggressiveness and the overripe characteristics of modern capitalism, or at any rate of certain capitalist formations. Recent debates

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Capitalist Development and Globalization: A Marxist Approach

30 Mai , 2017  

Post-war Political Economy is marked by what we may call the “development debate”. Different theoretical Schools and approaches have dealt with or argued about the possibility, the extent, the presuppositions and the social character of economic development, especially in the Less Developed Countries of the Third World (LDCs). Neoliberal thinking, ...

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