Neoliberal Capitalism: Living and Thinking Like Pigs

29 Sep , 2019  

The title is borrowed from Gilles Châtelet’s book To Live and Think Like Pigs: The Incitement of Envy and Boredom in Market Democracies. What maxim does Châtelet refer to in his book that demands another life instead of a pig’s life? The answer is simple: Always unfold a ...

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EconoFiction, NonPolitics

The Temporal Modality of Financialization and the Indebted Subjectivity. Searching for Ruptures.

28 Dez , 2016  

(The Folding of the Indebted Subjectivity. Outline of a Derivative Govermentality of Debt)


In the present paper1 we embark on an effort to discuss the relation between the temporal modality of financialization and the production of an indebted subjectivity. Capitalism with derivatives2 introduces a different temporal modality, it constitutes ...

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