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Getting rid of Work

10 Mrz , 2018  


What follows is a long essay by the French communization theorist, Gilles Dauvé. It is a long read, a read which varies in content and tone but a text which masterfully summarizes the communist critique of work. The original can be found here at Troploin. He also dutifully notes ...

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Capitalism and Communism

30 Jan , 2018  

Communism is not a programme one puts into practice or makes others put into practice, but a social movement. Apart from perhaps a clearer understanding, those who develop and defend theoretical communism are moved by the same practical personal need for communism as those who are not especially concerned by


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Get rid of work

19 Jan , 2018  


A slightly modified chapter 3 of the book From Crisis to Communization, published in 2017 by Editions Entremonde.

False Yards

In 1997, in the Sarthe, about twenty workers build a section of motorway under the direction of an engineer employed by a large group of construction. After two months, ...

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Die Bäckerin und der Theoretiker (zur Wertkritik)

20 Dez , 2017  

Die v.a. auf Roberz Kurz, Anselm Jappe und Moishe Postone zurückgehende Wertkritik [1] hat mittlerweile seit der Übersetzung des Manifest gegen die Arbeit 2002 einen guten Ruf unter Radikalen, im wesentlichen weil sie sich erfolgreich als Vorposten der Gesellschaftskritik präsentiert.

Aus welchem Grund sollte man an einer Debatte teilnehmen, die ...

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