Why America Won’t Be ‘Great’ Again

24 Okt , 2020  

Like Britain, the rise and fall of the American Empire is written in the language of energy. But unlike Britain, which declined as rapidly as it rose, the American rise and fall is less spectacular (at least so far).

Before getting to the data, I’ll point out an important ...

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‘Growing through Sabotage: Energizing Hierarchical Power’

12 Aug , 2020  

8Growing Through SabotageThe CasP project has identified numerous such paths of differential accumulation through strategic sabotage. A partial list of these paths includes higher unemployment that redistrib-utes income in favour of capitalists (Bichler and Nitzan 2014a); decelerating employment growth that shifts income in favour of the top 1% of individuals ...

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The Earth is Dying, But Not Fast Enough

13 Feb , 2020  

How we respond depends a great deal on how we frame the
problem. First, we need to change the way we understand
natural processes. Nature is in a state of constant flux
—always looking for new ways to use more energy and
dissipate it faster. If we want to survive ...

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The Belly of the Revolution: Agriculture, Energy, and the Future of Communism

28 Jul , 2018  

….The problem is that the energy system and the technology it powers is not at all modular; it is not possible to swap out dirty energy and swap in clean energy, even if all political obstacles were removed and some polity found itself able to rearrange the building blocks of

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