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Yet again: No.

8 Jul , 2015  

They lean towards one another, smile, shake hands, empty their satchels, shuffle papers. Its business as usual for these faces fronting the neo-liberal monolith – Schaüble, Shultz, Juncker, Draghi, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande – as sure of themselves as can be;  and why not ? Their power goes largely uncontested by ...




7 Jul , 2015  

I have learned to avoid getting involved in activity out of a feeling of having to do something. There is a dictatorship of politics that tries to make everyone conform to a collective will. I don’t much like that. If things develop I will get involved, but I will not ...

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Milios, Economy, Non-Marxism

15 Jun , 2015  


John Milios has posted an exceptionally clear analysis of the nature of the regime of austerity which has been imposed with impunity on the people of Europe. There has, of course, been determined local resistance on the street and by way of traditional forms of struggle – strikes and ...

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Bread and circus.

11 Jun , 2015  

The growth of computational, media and communications technology has conditioned a change in mass culture. The consumerist subject fabricated by media has become the object of desire. The capitalist subject auto-replicates as the consumer, whose life is a re-enactment of the vision of the human produced by advertising and entertainment ...

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Non-Philosophie als politisch/häretisches Traktat

5 Mai , 2015  


Oberflächlich betrachtet, könnte es so aussehen, als ob nicht-philosophische Texte die Gelegenheit böten, Probleme der Philosophie einfach zu umgehen – ihre Komplexität, ihren Wildwuchs, ihre in Opposition stehenden Lager, ihre Abstraktionen und Spezialisierungen – was der gewöhnlich Mensch auf der Strasse kompliziert nennt. Es könnte so aussehen, als ob  ...

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Non Philosophy as Politico/Heretical Tract

13 Apr , 2015  


On a superficial reading of non-philosophical texts, it might seem that it is possible to side-step the difficulties of philosophy — its complexity, proliferation, opposing camps, obscurantism, abstraction, specialization — what the ordinary man or woman calls its difficulty. It might seem that non-philosophy is a blow on behalf ...

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30 Mrz , 2015  


Take painting as an example. A painter makes paintings. Propped against his studio wall, their numbers multiply. At a given point, a creative threshold that causes him to hesitate, he might call in his dealer, if he is lucky enough to have one, to take some of them away ...

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