Fascism and right Populism

4 Jan , 2020  

In classical fascism, an organization, initially external to the state and strictly hierarchically structured, gained dominance over the state apparatuses through legal seizure of power, only to merge with them in a specific way, thus maintaining the crisis-ridden capitalist system and securing it by force on a new level. Thus, ...

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Evade and Struggle: Riots Break Out against Austerity in Chile

21 Okt , 2019  

In Chile, in response to student protests against an increase in the cost of public transportation, the President has returned the country to dictatorship-era martial law, putting soldiers on the streets and threatening protesters with decades in prison. The following report comes directly from the streets of Santiago at the ...

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Transcending the nation: a communist strategy in the era ofglobalization. A reply to Velissariou

7 Sep , 2019  

Neoliberalism and austerity are not ‘false policies’, but strategies of
increasing profits by reducing labor and welfare costs. In the process of
dismantling labor rights and the welfare state, a part of the population
is being marginalized. It becomes ‘superfluous’, and its living conditions
approach those of the inflowing ...

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After Brexit and Donald Trump: Is Nationalism challenging Neoliberalism?

29 Jan , 2018  

Dear friends and comrades,
I will argue that the return of statist and nationalist policies does not actually mean that Neoliberalism is being challenged. Neoliberalism is a form of capitalist goverrnmentality, a form of organizing the power of capital over the working classes and the social majority. It is based ...

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The ‘Greek Crisis’ and the Austerity Controversy in Europe

22 Nov , 2017  

John G. Milios, Spyros Lapatsioras and Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos
Extreme austerity policies implemented by Greek and European governments after the outbreak of the 2008 global economic crisis constitute neither a ‘correct’ strategy for economic reform and development nor an ‘erroneous’ strategy, which could be amended through reasonable argumentation and discussion.

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«Does Social Democracy Hold Up Half the Sky? The Decline of PASOK and the Rise of SYRIZA in Greece»

24 Aug , 2016  

After the outbreak of the global economic crisis in 2008, Greece was the first Euro-area country where the neoliberal ‘shock doctrine’ was imposed. This was an attempt to place all the fallout of the systemic capitalist crisis on the shoulders of the working people. These extreme austerity policies were not ...

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SYRIZA : Vom „Umsturz“ zum Neoliberalismus „mit humanem Gesicht“ 1

4 Feb , 2016  

Lieber Genossinnen, liebe Genossen,
Ich bedanke mich sehr bei den Organisatoren dieses Treffens für die Einladung. Die SYRIZA Erfahrung ist wichtig für soziale Bewegungen, die Linken und die antikapitalistische Perspektive in ganz Europa.

In Griechenland hat SYRIZA, eine „breite“ linke Partei in dem auch antikapitalistische politische Stromungen teilgenommen haben, erreicht, ...

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SYRIZA as a Symptom of the Euro-Crisis. De te fabula narratur

8 Dez , 2015  

A brief history of SYRIZA

  • SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) was formed in 2004 as a Coalition of the left party “Synaspismos” (SYN) and political groups of the so-called “renewing Left” and “revolutionary extra-parliamentary Left”
  • All political groups co-existed in the Greek and European alter-globalization movement since 2000, later

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Crisis and austerity. Is there a chance for the welfare state? (1)

30 Nov , 2015  

1. Facets of Euro-Crisis, Austerity Policies and Global Imbalances

After the outbreak of the 2008 global economic crisis, the European project has entered its second, less optimistic phase. Cross-country differentials in growth and inflation, persistent current account (or financial account) imbalances, real effective rate appreciation (mostly for countries with current ...

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Podcast: Syriza’s John Milios, “I will continue to fight against austerity”

21 Jul , 2015  

21.7.15 Wir verlinken hier zu einem aktuellen Podcast mit John Milios. Erneut bekräftigt er gegen keynesianische Positionen, dass es sich bei der Austeritätspolitik um eine durchaus rationale Politik des Kapitals  zur Senkung der Lohnkosten handele, um die Profitabilität zu sichern. Der Syriza Regierung wirft er vor, dass sie nach der ...

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Ενας απολογισμος της μετεξελιξης του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ με αυτοβιογραφικα στοιχεια

14 Jul , 2015  

Η συμφωνία της ελληνικής κυβέρνησης στη Σύνοδο Κορυφής της 12ης Ιουλίου 2015 εγκαινιάζει μια νέα φάση για την ελληνική κοινωνία, την Αριστερά και τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Είναι σίγουρο, όπως συνομολογείται από πολλές μεριές, ότι «ο αγώνας συνεχίζεται». Μπορεί όμως ο αγώνας των λαϊκών τάξεων για βελτίωση της ζωής τους και αλλαγή ...

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Is Austerity Winning the Argument on Euro-Zone Recovery?

9 Jul , 2015  

Der Krisendiskurs der Neoliberalismus ist verzweigt. Heute ist der schnell wachsende Einfluss des finanziellen Kapitals – seiner Strategien und Institutionen, seiner Marktmechanismen und Machttechnologien – auf die staatliche Souveränität und ihre diversen Regierungsformen kaum noch zu übersehen. Gerade in der Finanzkrise 2007f. wurde der Ratschlag Milton Friedmans allzu gerne beherzigt, ...

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