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Dada DADA!

20 Sep , 2016  

Kunstverein Familie Montez & Silver Series präsentieren

Dada DADA!
Silver Series Super Dada Dada Show

Dr. Robert Mario Bock // Sputnik the Cat // Marc Behrens // NEGATIVLAND // ephemeroL
Jörg Simon // Seelendisco // Aziz Onuk // Joachim Durrang // Achim Szepanski
Macke // DADA Disco James Dean Brown



DADA dada!

10 Sep , 2016  

Kunstverein Familie Montez & Silver Series präsentieren

DADA dada!
Silver Series Xanaxax Super Dada Dada Show

V.E.X. // julakim types wild // Fey/Pluntke // Achim Szepanski // Simon Kürzbar // Das Bratzophon // Miss Tula Trash
Trashland // Be Poet // Sennf // THE IASCOPE // Konrad Hasse meets KBK ...


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Guy Debord: Beyond the Society of The Spectacle

14 Jul , 2015  

Yet, let us add that the accumulated capital is that of the Subject who has become a total image, immersed in a world of information where reality is nothing but a copy of copies. One of the first texts to begin a critique of representationalism, of the production of reality ...

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Bread and circus.

11 Jun , 2015  

The growth of computational, media and communications technology has conditioned a change in mass culture. The consumerist subject fabricated by media has become the object of desire. The capitalist subject auto-replicates as the consumer, whose life is a re-enactment of the vision of the human produced by advertising and entertainment ...

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