Trapped at a Party Where No One Likes You

17 Aug , 2018  


The following article was written in the early months of 2015. It is the result of a series of discussions and readings by the Surplus Club in Frankfurt am Main in accordance with the topic of the 2007-08 crisis of capital accumulation and the proliferation of the global surplus ...

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Media Narrative: Global Catastrophe and Climate Change

4 Aug , 2018  

We’re living in a moment of shifting realities, it’s as if we are living in a post-Apocalyptic novel whose main character is in total denial. As if in our simulated probability systems we’ve seen the shadow on the screen of futurity, but are turning a blind eye against it, closing ...

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Transcending the nation: a communist strategy in the era of globalization. A reply to Velissariou

18 Jul , 2018  

Neoliberalism and austerity are not ‘false policies’, but strategies of increasing profits by reducing labor and welfare costs. In the process of dismantling labor rights and the welfare state, a part of the population is being marginalized. It becomes ‘superfluous’, and its livingconditions approach those of the inflowing refugee ...

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Surplus Population, Social Reproduction, and the Problem of Class Formation

21 Jun , 2018  

… This text takes its diagnostic starting point in these new theoretical developments, with an aim to think through the challenge they pose in terms of the question of class formation and organization. It proposes that the central task of class composition is to respond to the problem of the ...

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History and the Sphinx: Of Riots and Uprisings

17 Jun , 2018  

Riots are the Sphinx of the left. Every soi disant radical intellectual feels compelled, it seems, to answer the riddle they hear posed by the riots of the present, in Bahrain or Asturias, Chile or Britain: Why now? Why here? Why riot? These answers generally come in a few simple ...

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