Call for Protest

10 Mrz , 2020  

Days of anger, shame, grief, guilt … Α bleak variety of feelings for conscious andthoughtful people of Lesvos.

The attack of the State for the requisition of an area in order to create a detention center appears to be only the fancy beginning of a series of events on the ...

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Transcending the nation: a communist strategy in the era ofglobalization. A reply to Velissariou

7 Sep , 2019  

Neoliberalism and austerity are not ‘false policies’, but strategies of
increasing profits by reducing labor and welfare costs. In the process of
dismantling labor rights and the welfare state, a part of the population
is being marginalized. It becomes ‘superfluous’, and its living conditions
approach those of the inflowing ...

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We are entering a new epoch: the century of the migrant

15 Nov , 2018  

The rhetoric of migrant “invasions” is back again. Donald Trump has recently described the caravan of Central American refugees marching to the US as “an onslaught,” “an assault on our country,” and an “invasion,” repeating the words of Robert Bowers, who shot can killed 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh Synagogue ...

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The Political Centrality of the Migrant

15 Aug , 2018  

Political theory in the twenty-first century is at an interesting crossroads where migration has reached such a critical threshold that what seemed to be an exception has now become the rule. The question now is how to understand the rules of this game in a much more adequate way.

read ...

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Multirassismus in der Bürgerfabrik und Imperialismus

1 Sep , 2017  

“Der moderne Flüchtling vereint alle Stigmata des kapitalistischen Systems in sich: auf unbestimmte Zeit zur Heimatlosigkeit verdammt, von der eigentlich alle geschlagen sind, weil die Welt eine unwirtliche wurde, in der niemand willkommen ist; rechtlos, weil Recht allen nur provisorisch gewährt wird, solange es sich für die Herrschaft der Wertverwertung

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