Remarks on Suzanne de Brunhoffs “Marx on Money”

6 Feb , 2020  

Recently, the writings of Suzanne de Brunhoff (1929-2015), largely unknown at least in the German-speaking world, have again been mentioned by some Marxist economists and philosophers. Tony Norfield refers to Brunhoff in his book “The City” in a footnote in connection with the little-discussed role of private banks as creators ...

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>>Today, the surplus population is vegetating on the line between survival and liquidation.<<

28 Nov , 2019  

Interview with Autonomie Magazin and Achim Szepanski

Achim, you published three books in 2018 alone. The Introduction to Economics “Capital and Power in the 21st Century”, a book with three essays on “Imperialism, State Fascisation and the War Machines of Capital” and, together with Karl-Heinz Dellwo and J. Paul Weiler, ...

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The miraculous credit creation of private banks

25 Sep , 2019  

As early as 400 years ago, English goldsmiths began to create paper money by administering their customers’ gold coins and issuing a kind of certificate on them (indicating the amount of gold they had stored) and then lending it as quasi-money, without any further savings being made. Since it rarely ...

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Was ist eigentlich eine Bank?

26 Sep , 2018  

In ihrer Anfangsphase konzentrierten sich die Geschäfte der privaten Banken hauptsächlich auf den Ankauf von Gold, Wechseln, Aktien und Anleihen, dem die Ausgabe von Kontokorrentkrediten, Krediten und Darlehen gegenüberstand. Historisch geschah dies oft zuerst in der Form des Wechsels; im Wechselgeschäft haftet bis zum Fälligkeitstermin derjenige, der den Wechsel ...

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