On the End of History & the Death of Desire (Notes on Time and Negativity in Bataille’s ‘Lettre á X.’)

9 Mrz , 2020  

To continue from our conclusions regarding the question of what it would mean to love as a communist, we begin from the idea that abolition is what necessary binds communism as real movement to problems encountered in the life of desire, of the heart, of the family. And one key ...

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Atopia: On Frédéric Neyrat’s Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism

22 Jul , 2019  

“Where am I?” asks the sleeper who wakes with difficulty. He doesn’t recognize the room, the furniture. It is too dark; lingering parts of the dream slip into the surroundings, giving them a strangely worrying air. But are we not living the inverse situation today? Prolonged awakening, work without the ...

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Human capital or toxic asset

24 Feb , 2019  

This is a sequence of reflections on affirmation and negation, on identification and severance: determinate negation as strategic affirmation, the identification of concrete universals and severance from a defunct relation. These lines will be explored with reference to the current situation of the waged and unwaged working class, most proximately ...

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Régis Debray: Lob der Grenzen

3 Jun , 2016  

Das vor kurzem im Laika Verlag erschienene Buch „Lob der Grenzen“ von  Régis Debray basiert auf einem Vortrag, den er auf einer Konferenz gehalten hat, die am 23. Marz 2010 in der“Maison franco-japonaise“ in Tokio stattfand.
Debray folgt in seinem elaborierten Loblied auf die Grenze zunächst einem Paradox:

Jeder soll ...

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