Der Riot als Teil der globalen Zirkulationskämpfe (2)

18 Jul , 2017  

In einem ökonomistisch verkürzten Sinn wird der Riot als ein spontaner Protest gegen die Erhöhung der Lebensmittelpreise interpretiert – man denke an die Aktionen gegen den IWF, der die Bedingungen für die Lebensmittelpreise in den unterentwickelten Ländern setzt -, als ob eine Erhöhung der Preise ab einem bestimmten Punkt zu ...

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Compositional Mutations: Nick Land and Libidinal Materialism

15 Jul , 2017  

With the  libidinal reformulation of being as composition ‘one acquires degrees of being, one loses  that which  has being’.

– Nick Land, A Thirst for Annihilation

Tracing Nietzsche’s libidinal energetics Nick Land would see four major thrusts: 1) a concerted questioning of the logicomathematical conception of the same, equal,  or ...

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The economic unconscious

21 Aug , 2016  

Woman, eternally, /shows us the way. — Faust, Goethe

Supposing truth is a woman — what then? — Beyond good and evil, Nietzsche

A. Introduction

It may still seem novel to some that what they have been taught in school and what has been venerated as an academic ...

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Mode of Excess. Bataille, criminality and the war on terror

16 Nov , 2015  

Stefano Harney and Randy Martin (2007)


I. Capital’s Excesses

Bataille’s vision bathes us all in the lap of luxury. So much of the political is cast in terms of lack-an insufficiency of activism, organization, theory, or resources to mobilize, in the face of an abundance of ossifying power. Excess ...

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A theory of economic violence

29 Okt , 2015  

‘They’re waiting patiently, like the long-suffering lot they are, in the firm conviction that someone has conned them. They are waiting, belly to the ground, like cats at pig-killing time, hoping for scraps. They are like servants that work at a castle where the master has shot himself: they hang ...

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