On the End of History & the Death of Desire (Notes on Time and Negativity in Bataille’s ‘Lettre á X.’)

9 Mrz , 2020  

To continue from our conclusions regarding the question of what it would mean to love as a communist, we begin from the idea that abolition is what necessary binds communism as real movement to problems encountered in the life of desire, of the heart, of the family. And one key ...

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The Swervers

7 Mai , 2017  

A key issue from my recently concluded seminar on the non-human was how to characterize contemporary theory. Previously I’ve discussed materialism, as well as the distinction between the ethical and political, and also the curious cocktail of pragmatism, empiricism, and realism that seems to dominate so much writing today. But ...

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Is Materialism a Type of Idealism?

19 Aug , 2016  

I’ve already posted on Jameson’s materialism and his theory of interpretation in light of today’s new materialism and the larger ontological turn in contemporary theory. Much of the new materialism tends to elevate empirical, descriptive, even pragmatic approaches in its quest to unlock material reality, while denigrating hermeneutic pursuits as


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A Questionnaire on Materialisms

7 Mrz , 2016  

The current issue of October magazine contains several responses to a questionnaire on the nature of materialism today. My response is pasted below. Read the questionnaire prompt and download all responses here.

Not too long ago, being a materialist meant something rather specific, despite the capacious complexity of the term; ...

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