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FORS and the new Global Wealth Report 2017

16 Nov , 2017  

The new Global Wealth Report 2017 is out. It says there is 280 trillion dollar global wealth and that there will be 341 trillion dollar by 2022.

As always, you have to consider a few things: Some countries are missing in the stats, it’s only the wealth of adults and ...

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Wikipedia article: Universal Basic Property

9 Mai , 2017  

The Universal Basic Property (shortened: UBP) is an idea invented by Anna Newspeak. It describes the proposition of substituting the monetary, financial, capital and therefore class order through the set-up of a completely new capitalistic order and its relations by giving a Universal Basic Property of money to every person ...

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Life after Trump fascism: The Universal Basic Property and a FORS simulation

9 Nov , 2016  

Dear intellectuals, scientists, artists, emancipatory forces of all kinds,

can we now start to think about the implementation of a Universal Basic Property und and a Universal Basic Income (of economic capital) within a new online-only currency? Starting with an amount of 300-400 trillion monetary units (the circa-volume of the ...

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