The Girl With the Bomb, The Guardian of Dynamite: Notes on the politics of becoming-woman

30 Nov , 2017  

The Girl With the Bomb, The Guardian of Dynamite: Notes on the politics of becoming-woman


[Excerpt from a piece on D&G, gender, struggle, and communism as the real movement that abolishes itself and the present state of things]

In the


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What would it mean to love as a Communist? To love as a comrade?

6 Okt , 2017  


This is a modified excerpt from a forthcoming publication of a roundtable discussion with Jules Joanne Gleeson, Andrew Culp, and myself. The full transcript will be able to be found in the forthcoming issue of 
Identities Journal.

Q. What opportunities does Marxist Feminism offer us for a


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Biopolitics, Lexicon

Paul B. Preciado und das pharmapornographische Regime

21 Apr , 2016  

Dieser Artikel beansprucht keine umfassende Darstellung (und Kritik) des gerade in deutscher Sprache erschienenen Buchs „Testo Junkie“ von Paul B. Preciado, sondern beschreibt lediglich die basic facts des sog. pharmapornographischen Regimes. Auf NON hat Alexander Galloway zu den Fragen des Widerstandspotenzials einer queeren Ontologie und Differenzphilosophie, in deren Umfeld sich ...

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Biopolitics, Necropolitics

The Forces of Reproduction

16 Apr , 2016  

“Humanity does not exist under the sign of the divine… but of the monstrous.” 

— Paul B. Préciado

“Read, this!,” he said, thrusting a soiled photocopy of a typescript into my hands. “It will change your life!” Then he disappeared back into the public toilet he was cruising. This was ...

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