Lucretius and the immanence of motion

9 Jun , 2020  

Lucretius was the first philosopher of immanence. It is he and not Democritus or Epicurus who holds this title. If we want to understand the historical emergence of the concept of immanence, we should start by distinguishing its precursors in Greek atomism from its first complete incarnation in Lucretius. This ...

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20 Nov , 2019  

Thomas Nail.Christopher N Gamble. Joshua Hanan.

This paper argues that there is currently no single definition of new materialism but at least three distinct and partly incompatible trajectories. All three of these trajectories share at least one common theoretical commitment: to problematize the anthropocentric and constructivist orientations of most twentieth-century ...

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On the Need for a Hyper-Materialist Epistemology

3 Mai , 2018  

At the very beginning of  Technics and Time, I pointed out that when Marx posits in  Capital that we require a theory of technical evolution, which would be an extension of Darwinian theory, he at the same time raises the question of a kind of  matter  that  would be 

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