Thoughts to Hanau

20 Feb , 2020  

Yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany. It seems that the white male terrorist killed 9 persons in 2 Shisha-Bars, later killed his mother and himself. Most of the victims seem to belong to Kurdish communities. The killing was racist.

But parts of German press first pushed racist ...

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He who designates the terrorist, in this world, is sovereign: The “Tarnac affair”

24 Apr , 2018  

Antiterrorism, contrary to what the term would suggest, is not a means to fight against terrorism, it is the method by which the political enemy is positively produced as a terrorist. It is a matter, by a luxury of provocation, infiltration, surveillance, intimidation and propaganda, by a whole science of ...

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Arthur Kroker: BORN AGAIN IDEOLOGY Religion, Technology, and Terrorism

6 Nov , 2016  

…Covenant technology? That’s the fusion of covenant theology and the will to technology as the essence of the American Republic, from its religious origins to its technocratic future. Here we are in the presence of a momentous alliance of two great historical forces – evangelical theology and technological experimentalism –

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Violence comes home: an interview with Arun Kundnani

25 Nov , 2015  

After the Paris attacks, what are the logical and tragic consequences of war with no geographical limits? Arun Kundnani has studied terrorism and counter-radicalisation programmes in the United Kingdom and the United States, and is the author of The Muslims are coming!, published by Verso. In this interview, he ...

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Mode of Excess. Bataille, criminality and the war on terror

16 Nov , 2015  

Stefano Harney and Randy Martin (2007)


I. Capital’s Excesses

Bataille’s vision bathes us all in the lap of luxury. So much of the political is cast in terms of lack-an insufficiency of activism, organization, theory, or resources to mobilize, in the face of an abundance of ossifying power. Excess ...

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