The Global World Order

17 Okt , 2019  

The fact that struggles for reproductive conditions or circulation struggles are increasing again worldwide at the moment is no coincidence. In France in particular, they are increasing in intensity from week to week with the Yellow West. The shifts are easy to understand there, the radicalism of the Riots, the ...

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EconoFiction, Necropolitics

Imperialism, State Fascism and the War Machines of Capital (Extract)

10 Sep , 2019  

In this book The Patchwork of Minorities (Lyotard 1977), Lyotard writes that capital is a pseudo-organism which, since it has no metaphysics, is not even able to formulate a discourse that justifies its own truth that could explain and justify its existence. The statement recently made by the Invisible Committee ...

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Gilets Jaunes im globalen Kontext

29 Jul , 2019  

Dies ist ein erster Versuch, die Bewegung der gilets jaunes zu verstehen und sie auf den Kontext übergreifender Zusammenhänge zu beziehen. Wir müssten nun, unseren sozialrevolutionären Grundsätzen und Methoden folgend, an den Äußerungen aus dieser Bewegung anknüpfen um von hier aus das Verhältnis zu ihrem Umfeld erschließen. Denn so sehr ...

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23 Jul , 2019  

In a text from 1973, which appeared in the Kursbuch, the sociologist Manfred Clemenz has introduced the concept of structural state fascism, the author assumes that there are no fundamental functional differences between the forms of parliamentary democracy and the fascist states of exception, but just only phenomenological changes are ...

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9 Apr , 2018  

There are many advantages to political decentralization as a structural limitation on government power. Imagine a country the size of the United States, but consisting of only five states. Now imagine the same region containing 500 states. All other things being equal, the second situation is likely to be much ...

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Index of Power

30 Mrz , 2018  

The following chart gives a snapshot of the top 20 countries, ranked by their index of power in the world economy. Readers of this blog or my book, The City, will have seen this concept before,[1] but here the information is updated to 2016-17.

Index of Power, 2016-17

Notes: The ...

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Trump’s Trade Wars Threaten US Foreign Investment

18 Mrz , 2018  

There is a lot of buzz about Trump’s recently launched trade wars, but much of this buzz misses the point. The key issue here is not foreign trade, but foreign investment.

Foreign trade contributes relatively little to US corporate profit. The disaggregate data here are patchy, but if we can ...

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