Logistics, Counterlogistics and the Communist Prospect

23 Aug , 2018  

In this latter sense, logistics indexes the subordination of production to the conditions of circulation, the becoming-hegemonic of those aspects of the production process that involve circulation. In the idealised world-picture of logistics, manufacture is merely one moment in a continuous, Heraclitean flux; the factory dissolves into planetary flows, chopped ...

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The Belly of the Revolution: Agriculture, Energy, and the Future of Communism

28 Jul , 2018  

….The problem is that the energy system and the technology it powers is not at all modular; it is not possible to swap out dirty energy and swap in clean energy, even if all political obstacles were removed and some polity found itself able to rearrange the building blocks of ...

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Disrupting Distribution: Subversion, the Social Factory, and the “State” of Supply Chains

7 Mai , 2018  

We have entered a time of logistics space. Contemporary capitalism is organized as a dispersed but coordinated system, where commodities are manufactured across vast distances, multiple national borders, and complex social and technological infrastructures. Geopolitical economies that were previously governed largely at the national scale – even though as part ...

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The Hamburg “City-Strike”: Towards a Way Beyond the G20 Summit

27 Jul , 2017  

This article is a different version of a piece published in Vice, and written by a member of Plan C who attended the G20 summit protests.

It’s 2am on Saturday morning and in the heart of St. Pauli, a district of Hamburg known for its celebration of counter-culture, the atmosphere ...

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Die Undercommons – Flüchtige Planung und schwarzes Studium

12 Feb , 2016  

Stefano Harney / Fred Moten Aus dem Englischen von Birgit Mennel und Gerald Raunig, hg. von Isabell Lorey
transversal texts, Januar 2016
ISBN: 978-3-903046-07-8
123 Seiten, broschiert, € 10,00


Zwischen Black Radical Tradition und ökonomischer Theorie, zwischen Poesie und Philosophie, zwischen Ethiko-Ästhetik und politischer Theorie – die Undercommons entfalten ...

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