Global Governance

11 Jan , 2020  

It is easy to see today that in the course of implementing neo-liberal strategies, the state is being increasingly restricted in its function as the guarantor of social peace and compromise between the classes, while the various modes of operation of the social police are being intensified step by step. ...

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The Great March

7 Jan , 2020  

… If the slogan of that antiwar movement, “No Blood for Oil,” seemed too great a simplification, it was not for all of that mistaken. There can be no doubt that something like racial extractivism, the intensified appropriation of cheap resources backed by force of arms, has become the ...

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“US Can No Longer Create a Stable Hegemonic Presence for Profits” – In Conversation with Michael Hardt1

20 Jul , 2019  

In recent weeks, the tensions between the United States and Iran have threatened the West Asia with a new war. The representations and coverage of “the evidence” about the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran have reminded many American journalists of the period leading up to the 2003 Iraq ...

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Venezuela: Der lang geplante Regime Change

4 Feb , 2019  

Was in Venezuela politisch versucht wird, hätte woanders einen Nato-Verteidigungsfall zur Folge

Man stelle sich vor, die russische Regierung würde Marie Le Pen als neue Präsidentin Frankreichs anerkennen. Sie war als Präsidentschaftskandidatin Macron klar unterlegen. Doch Putin verweist im vorgestellten Szenario auf die wochenlangen Proteste der Gelbwesten-Bewegung und die Ergebnisse ...

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Die gegenwärtige Weltordnung und die globalen Kämpfe (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Kämpfe in Frankreich) (1)

16 Jan , 2019  

Die Tatsache, dass Kämpfe um die Reproduktionsbedingungen bzw. Zirkulationskämpfe im Moment weltweit wieder zunehmen, ist kein Zufall. Insbesondere in Frankreich nehmen sie mit den Gelben Westen an Intensität von Woche zu Woche zu. Die Verschiebungen sind dort leicht nachzuvollziehen, die Radikalität der Riots, die Eingriffe, die sie für die Linke ...

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American Dystopia: The Empire of War

10 Aug , 2018  

Capitalism and neoliberalism carry wars within them like clouds carry storms.

—Éric Alliez and Maurizio Lazzarato, To Our Enemies

Henry Miller the ex-patriot who would return to his native land just before the rise of Hitler had a glimpse into the heart of the American Dystopian world when he glimpsed ...

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27 Jul , 2018  

The main thesis of this book is that contemporary globalization is bringing about a type of imperialism that differs fundamentally from those of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The most significant difference is that the great capitalist firms, by becoming multinationals, have broken out of the confines within which they ...

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Index of Power

30 Mrz , 2018  

The following chart gives a snapshot of the top 20 countries, ranked by their index of power in the world economy. Readers of this blog or my book, The City, will have seen this concept before,[1] but here the information is updated to 2016-17.

Index of Power, 2016-17

Notes: The ...

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