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Das Problem – Althusser – Deleuze – Foucault

7 Jul , 2020  

Liest man Deleuze nicht ausschließlich im Kontext einer vernunftkritischen Position, die gemeinhin mit transzendentalem Empirismus umschrieben wird (vgl. Rölli 2003), auch nicht als Befürworter eines ontologischen Realismus (vgl. De Landa 2006), dann ließen sich mit Deleuze (und Guattari) auch sozio-ökonomische, synthetische Strukturen der gegenwärtigen kapitalistischen Ökonomie im Kontext von begrifflichen ...

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A Baroque Heresy: Notes on Deleuze and Leibniz on the Concept

29 Jun , 2020  

“The other who is nobody…the a priori Other is defined in each system by its expressive value – in other words, its implicit and enveloping value […] The I and the Self, by contrast, are immediately characterised by functions of development or explication: not only do they experience qualities in ...

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What is determination in the last instance? (20 points)

9 Dez , 2019  

1) For Laruelle, philosophy always revolves around dualities or differences, being – other, theory – practice, ontic-ontological, etc.

2) Laruelle leaves this terrain to fully invest his thinking power in the solutions of the One’s problem, or more precisely to develop an irreversible thinking in one or according to the ...

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The Working Class and the Middle Classes in the Greek Economic Crisis: Allies in a Common Anti-Neoliberal Strategy?

8 Dez , 2019  

George Economakis and John Milios


On the basis of a Marxist analysis of capitalist relations of classpower and the class configuration in contemporary advanced capitalist societies, the paper investigates the consequences of the recent economic crisis and of the neoliberal capitalist strategies in Greece (austerity, market liberalization and privatizations), ...

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On the question of the general purpose of the state (Poulantzas, Paschukanis, Vogl, etc.)

22 Nov , 2019  

In modern international law, territory, state power and population are generally regarded as important components of the sovereign nation-state. In the Marxist theoretical tradition inspired by structuralism, Nicos Poulantzas, following and in contrast to Louis Althusser’s analyses of the ideological state apparatuses (Althusser 1977), described the state somewhat more elaborately ...

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Althusser and the “Problem” in Philosophy

6 Nov , 2019  

Deleuze’s philosophy of virtuality has simply put the non-creationist construction of problems, concepts and their relations before interpretation. Similarly, Althusser has formulated this in several passages of Das Kapital Lesen 1 when he writes that the production of a problem constellation and the concepts unfolding it is to be understood ...

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The Hooks Beneath the Bait / Entrapment and Escape in Althusser and Art

27 Nov , 2018  

Francois Matheron has suggested that the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of providing a comprehensive assessment to the work of Louis Althusser results from the ‘generalized uncertainty’ of an oeuvre constructed in the “dimension of catastrophe” and designed by its author to be “forever destroying itself”. This paper allows itself ...

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Laruelle, Art, and the Scientific Model

24 Nov , 2018  

I want to begin by briefly considering Francois Laruelle’s Non-philosophy project alongside the philosophy of Louis Althusser, in order that some of the consequences for an ‘aesthetics of the generic’ (or what for Laruelle would be a Non-aesthetics) might be made intelligible for artistic practice, and also because it will ...

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Althusser und das “Problem” in der Philosophie

17 Okt , 2018  

Deleuzes Virtualitätsphilosophie hat die nicht-kreationistische Konstruktion von Problemen, Begriffen und deren Relationen schlichtweg vor die Interpretation gesetzt.. Ähnlich hat dies Althusser in mehreren Passagen in der Schrift Das Kapital Lesen 1 formuliert, wenn er schreibt, dass die Produktion einer Problemkonstellation und der sie entfaltenden Begriffe als Effekt einer neuen Theorie ...

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Marxism as a Finite Theory (1978)

19 Dez , 2017  

Introduction by Rossana Rossanda (1978)

In November 1977, at the Venice conference on Power and Opposition in Post-Revolutionary Societies, Louis Althusser asserted that there is no theory of the state in Marx. The following March, Il Manifesto proposed to Althusser to develop this assertion, which had remained suspended after ...

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Ein Althusser-Lexikon

7 Mrz , 2017  

[Der folgende Text wurde ursprünglich anläßlich der italienischen Übersetzung der späten Schriften Louis Althussers über den „aleatorischen Materialismus“ verfaßt, die als Sul materialismo aleatorio, herausgegeben von V. Morfino und L. Pinzolo (Mailand: Unicopoli, 2000), veröffentlicht wurden. Strukturiert als ein „Lexikon“, enthält er eine große Anzahl längerer Zitate aus Althussers späten ...

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A Letter from Louis Althusser on Gramsci’s Thought

23 Aug , 2016  

A Letter on Gramsci’s Thought
Rinascita, 15 March 1968
Translated from Italian by Warren Montag
On December 1, 1967, Comrade Rino Dal Sasso published a response to a chapter from Louis Althusser’s Reading Capital that appeared in the journal Trimestre (Pescara). Althusser responded to Dal Sasso in a letter ...

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