Joseph Schumpeter and the German Historical School

2 Jul , 2020  

Undoubtedly, Joseph Alois Schumpeter ‘was one of the greatest economists of all time’ (Haberler, 1950, p. 1) who made seminal contributions to economics and had a major impact on the development of the discipline in the twentieth century. However, some important aspects of his works remain less widely discussed.

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The law of the tendentious fall of the general rate of profit in capital Bd.3

20 Jan , 2020  

In the opinion of Georgios Stamatis, Marx, in presenting the law of the tendentious case of the general rate of profit, equates value and price, among other things, in order to disregard the effect of the so-called Wicksell effects (including the observation of the relationship between the rate of profit ...

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Edmund Berger: On Art and Revolutionary Transformation in the Age of Blockchain

25 Jul , 2019  

…measured against the conditions of the present, communism itself embodies the most alien of all possible futures.

—Edmund Berger

Edmund Berger author of Uncertain Futures: An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present (see my review) has for years done his homework in uncovering the historical traces of the Marxist ...

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