The Coming crisis, breath & yellow vests: where are we going?

16 Jan , 2019  

Originally published in French on on Jan. 11th 2019. Translated by our collaborator in French, Otto Mattik and edited by us at Ediciones Inéditos. It is a glimpse at the looming capitalist crisis to come and how the writer in France figures the Yellow Vests movement within it ...

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The Decline of Science, The Decline of Capitalism

1 Okt , 2018  

Can another Einstein exist in this era?  A better question  is whether  the spirit of his  research program could emerge again in our current predicament. By his research program, I mean the activity that grasped through a few thought experiments and heuristics fundamental principles that not only revolutionized physics but ...

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Heterodox Economics vis-à-vis Crisis and Finance. Speculation of the ‘absentee rentier’ or Mechanism of disciplining social action?

23 Sep , 2018  

The 2007-2008 financial crisis is without precedent in the post-war period, a fact acknowledged by the majority of economists. At the same time, the crisis is a ‘marginal moment’ which unveils and helps us rethink the workings of contemporary capitalism. The latter is mostly grasped under the term of financialization ...

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19 Jul , 2018  

While the three volumes of Capital as well as the Grundrisse refer explicitly to crisis on various occasions, these often promise a later systematic treatment which never arrives. Marx’s own 1857 plan, not simply unfinished but abandoned, proposed six volumes for Capital, with the final installment being the Book on ...

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