Economy, Ecumenes, Communism: Economy as the Devastation of Ecumenes, Communism as the Exit From Economy

8 Feb , 2016  


We can take the economist illusion of the Marxism of the Second Socialist International as the prototype of all the illusions of an “alternative economy.”

The idea that UNDERLYING capitalism there exists a basic economy which would be the foundation of a humanized alter-economy, since capitalism ...

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Mashines, Necropolitics

June, 1972 & A chief who does not command:

10 Nov , 2015  

“Primitive society has always been considered a place of absolute difference in relation to western society, a strange and unthinkable space of absence – absence of all that constitutes the observers’ socio-cultural universe: a world without hierarchy, people who obey no one, a society indifferent to possession of wealth, chiefs ...

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Lexicon, Necropolitics

A theory of economic violence

29 Okt , 2015  

‘They’re waiting patiently, like the long-suffering lot they are, in the firm conviction that someone has conned them. They are waiting, belly to the ground, like cats at pig-killing time, hoping for scraps. They are like servants that work at a castle where the master has shot himself: they hang ...

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Intro to ∄ (There is no economic world)

16 Mai , 2015  

1. If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.” ~William Blake Proverbs of Hell

If philosophy is institutionalized ultracrepidarianism, non-philosophy is rigorous charlatanism. Laruelle shows us that it takes quite a bit of effort to say nothing at all. In a crisis-filled decade ...