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An Afterword On The Politics of Escape

22 Mrz , 2017  

Afterword of the german edition of Dark Deleuze published by Laika   History, for the most part, has been made by the nameless and the faceless. It has been made by slaves, workers, housewives, sex workers, day and migrant laborers, and everyone else who, through no fault of their own, ...

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Buchpräsentation „Dark Deleuze“

17 Mrz , 2017  

Montag 27.3. , bbooks, Lübbenerstr.14, 10997 Berlin Buchvorstellung: Andrew Culp „Dark Deleuze“ mit Jose Rosales und Achim Szepanski (plus Skype-Talk mit Andrew Culp)
Ein revolutionärer Deleuze, der einer Welt der verpflichtenden Happiness, der dezentralisierten Kontrolle und der Überbewachung zugeneigt ist? Der französische Philosoph Gilles Deleuze ist als Denker der Kreation, ...

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Wie man mit und gegen Nietzsche eine Musikbox für Blackness herstellt, die kein Vorspiel mehr zu einer- tieferen – mächtigeren – vielleicht böseren – und geheimnisvolleren Musik, sondern diese selbst ist: eine Nicht-Musik oder eine Musik-Utopie.

25 Feb , 2017  

A) Nietzsche und die Musik Nietzsches Werk Die Geburt der Tragödie beschäftigt sich eingehend mit Musik. Das Buch erklärt, dass die Tragödie aus dem Dithyrambos entstanden ist, wobei die Lyrik getanzt wurde und in das Drama einging, in dem der Musik die Aufgabe zukam, die Seele über die Herstellung von ...

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We do not know what a (cinematic) body can do: Reconsidering Deleuze’s and Patton’s reception of Godard in the Age of Control Societies

23 Feb , 2017  

The aim of this essay is to interrogate the relationship between Deleuze’s concepts of Idea, creativity, and control societies, alongside its interpretation by Paul Patton and Godard’s efficacy at giving these concepts their proper audio-visual form in cinema. By means of Godard’s Alphaville, we will demonstrate how Deleuze’s understanding ...

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HKRB Interviews: Andrew Culp

6 Feb , 2017  

Alfie Bown: Your book is just 77 pages long but your project and its scope is huge. Your aim has been to recover Deleuze from those who saw him as the philosopher of “joyous affirmation” and who experienced his work (without perhaps always admitting it) as vitalist, life-affirming and even ...

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Bergsonian Science-Fiction: Kodwo Eshun, Gilles Deleuze, & Thinking the Reality of Time

17 Jan , 2017  

  To be more precise, science fiction is neither forward-looking nor utopian.  Rather, in William Gibson’s phrase, science fiction is a means through  which to preprogram the present […] Science fiction operates through  the power of falsification, the drive to rewrite reality, and the will to  deny plausibility, while the ...

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The Pre-Socratic Brotherhood

6 Nov , 2016  

The tale of the circle, the dot, and the arrow — a moral tale — tells the story of a dominant way of thinking about people in the world. The most common preconceptions about epistemology and ontology are contained in the narrative, both what it means to have knowledge and ...

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The Repetition of Generic Gnostic Matrices

25 Okt , 2016  

(Edited version of paper presented at the Deleuze Studies Conference in Rome, July 2016.) 1.1 From ‘What is Philosophy’ to ‘Where is Non-Philosophy’? While Deleuze and Guattari’s What Is Philosophy? begins and explores the question of its title, charting the planes and operations of philosophy, science and art, the last ...

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Deleuze and the Algorithm of the Revolution

15 Okt , 2016  

The present writing was drafted and read by Obsolete Capitalism on the occasion of the ninth International Conference of Deleuze Studies in Rome last July 2016 at the department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts of Roma Tre University. The edition, organized by Daniela Angelucci and Ivelise Perniola in collaboration ...

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13 Sep , 2016  

Laruelle spricht häufig vom schwarzen Universum und davon, dass die Philosophie nicht dunkel genug sei. Aber was ist schwarz? Ist schwarz eine Farbe und wenn ja, können wir sie sehen? Reza Negarestani hat in seinem Buch Cyclonopedia einen Mix aus Theorie und Fiction geliefert, wobei er die Erde als eine ...

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Badiou’s Gauntlet

18 Jul , 2016  

Badiou’s Gauntlet, the challenge that Badiou issues to any kind of philosophy, is that the categories are three. No more than three, but also no less than three. Badiou’s Gauntlet is that there are bodies and languages, but also truths. The challenge permeates all of Badiou’s work. One particularly clear ...

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6 Jul , 2016  

Music is an un-differentiated language. Michel Serresi Nevertheless, and even more clearly, what general economy defines first is the explosive character of this world, carried to the extreme of explosive tension in the present time. George Batailleii A theory is self-destroying, in this logico-objective respect, if its content offends against ...

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6 Jul , 2016  

It has become fashionable to declare that the age of post-structuralism is at an end, and many a meditation has been proposed on our possibly living in a “post-deleuzian” epoch. Such talk seems to be situating Deleuze in a chronology where citing Deleuze 20 years ago had a certain meaning ...

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Ending the World as We Know It: A. Galloway Interview with Andrew Culp

2 Jul , 2016  

Alexander R. Galloway: You have a new book called Dark Deleuze (University of Minnesota Press, 2016). I particularly like the expression “canon of joy” that guides your investigation. Can you explain what canon of joy means and why it makes sense to use it when talking about Deleuze? Andrew ...

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Andrew Culps Dark Deleuze: Anstiftung zum Widerstand

18 Jun , 2016  

In dieser ersten, kurzen Besprechung des Buches „Dark Deleuze“ von Andrew Culp geht es um die Nachzeichnung der wesentlichen Argumente, die in der Einleitung vorgebracht werden. Man könnte nun sagen, Culp bemüht sich um einen Bruch mit der bisher dominanten Deleuze-Rezeption, um die Rehabilitierung eines revolutionären Deleuze oder um eine ...

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