Between Cinema & Philosophy

18 Jan , 2016  

“There are ideas in cinema that can only be cinematographic. These ideas are engaged in a cinematographic process and are consecrated to that process in advance” – Deleuze, What is a creative act?


Insofar as having an idea “in” cinema is not the same as having an idea “in” ...

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A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

7 Dez , 2015  

A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

Marked by a rebellious apprenticeship in experimental music, the first period of non-musicological praxis is not thoroughly non-musical. Throughout Musicology ?, terribly uncreative secondary works of experimental music were composed.

The unexpected discovery of ‘The Principle of Musical Sufficiency’ occurred ...



Taking from behind

12 Okt , 2015  

09/10/2015 – 07/11/2015
ALAN Istanbul presents Zafer Aracagök’s new show Taking From Behind!
With his new show, Taking from Behind, Zafer Aracagök forces the line and the watercolour to a realm of figural trajectories. Finding a point of departure in the rhythms of composition/decomposition backed ...

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Immanent Non-Musicology: Deleuze/Guattari vs. Laruelle

31 Jul , 2015  

In this essay we try to explore non-representationalism in music, which has to be connected to the question of non-representational aesthetics. The philosophers of immanence – Deleuze/Guattari and Laruelle – have something in common: Since the mid- 1980s they reject the discourses and techniques of post-structuralist interpretation of music and ...

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Pointe und Aphorismus als Erkenntnisschöpfer

8 Mai , 2015  

„Der Witz ist der verkleidete Priester, der jedes Paar kopuliert.“1 Jean Paul

Im folgenden Beitrag geht es um zwei elitäre und widerspenstige Geschwister im Geiste, den Aphorismus und die Pointe, und darum, wie die beiden Kulturtechniken als Gattung und als Stilfigur einen sich gegenseitig befruchtenden Pakt schließen. Ziel dieser kleinen ...




30 Mrz , 2015  


Take painting as an example. A painter makes paintings. Propped against his studio wall, their numbers multiply. At a given point, a creative threshold that causes him to hesitate, he might call in his dealer, if he is lucky enough to have one, to take some of them away ...

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DER MERZ-HASE: Phänomenologie eines Schattentiers – Ein Aufruf!

24 Mrz , 2015  

Der Merz-Hase ist ein scheues Wesen. Das rechtfertigt allerdings in keiner Weise, dass sein Wirken, ja seine bloße Existenz in der wissenschaftlichen Öffentlichkeit hartnäckig beschwiegen wird. Als regelrecht skandalös empfinden wir es, wenn man den Merz-Hasen als Untergattung des von Kindern und Werbetreibenden phantasierten Osterhasen abtut. Doch der Merz-Hase ist ...

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