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Sound Hacking: Further Reflections on Noise and Noncommunication

22 Jan , 2016  

We have become so accustomed to violence through entertainment that transgression itself has become merely another capitalist performance. How then do we elevate art, how can it be a reaction to the Other instead of its medium? How must we act when yesterday’s transgressions are today’s commodities? – Andreas Burckhardti ...

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A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

7 Dez , 2015  

A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

Marked by a rebellious apprenticeship in experimental music, the first period of non-musicological praxis is not thoroughly non-musical. Throughout Musicology ?, terribly uncreative secondary works of experimental music were composed.

The unexpected discovery of ‘The Principle of Musical Sufficiency’ occurred ...


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Immanent Non-Musicology: Deleuze/Guattari vs. Laruelle

31 Jul , 2015  

In this essay we try to explore non-representationalism in music, which has to be connected to the question of non-representational aesthetics. The philosophers of immanence – Deleuze/Guattari and Laruelle – have something in common: Since the mid- 1980s they reject the discourses and techniques of post-structuralist interpretation of music and ...

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Queere Atonalität

28 Jun , 2015  

Ich habe gerade Jordana Rosenberg`s faszinierenden Essay “The Molecularization of Sexuality”, der kürzlich in „Theory and Event“ veröffentlicht wurde, neu gelesen. Es ist ein langer und herausfordernder Text, der eine hohe Aufmerksamkeit beim Leser verlangt, zur gleichen Zeit ihn aber unter allen möglichen Gesichtspunkten reichlich belohnt. Rosenberg geht es um ...

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Noise on Noise

28 Mrz , 2015  

Passing now from the genus to the species, I have to denounce as the most inexcusable and scandalous noise the truly infernal cracking of whips in the narrow resounding streets of towns; for it robs life of all peace and pensiveness.

A. Schopenhauer

Or rather, what did Schopenhauer hear ...

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staying underground

1 Mrz , 2015  

Mike takes me on a nearly 6 hour trip through his Detroit and shows me the city’s East-Side by night, as I become part of an interactive, site specific lecture. With us is a young guy who grew up in Detroit, moved out, and now returned back to town. I ...

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Darth Vader on piano playing crackno @ivi in 2013, April

29 Apr , 2013  

April 2013: Darth Vader proudly presents her first unpluged piano track @IVI-club (squatted since 2003).

The performance was crossed by oldschool-techno-freaks (copyriot honx) with Roland TR-505 and TB-303. By hacking in the PA, they got a technoid hegemony over the sound-architecture in the space.


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